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The Jewish Telegraph Editorial: Canova Medical Laser

Editorial from The Jewish Telegraph about Our New Soprano ICE Laser Treatments.

We had a editorial written by Ralphi Bloom about our new laser machine. Ralphi experienced laser treatments before but done in the ‘old way’ so he knew what to expect, or maybe not…
Keep reading to find out more.

Hair today…but gone now, courtesy of Canova

Laser hair removal is increasingly popular with both men and women – and over recent years the quality of the treatments that are available have improved substantially.

Laser hair removal works by heating the skin to a temperature that kills the hair follicle to stop it re-growing, but leaves the surrounding skin undamaged.

Most people will need six or seven treatments in four-week intervals to achieve a significant reduction in hair growth.
At any one time up to 20 per cent of hair follicles can be in a “resting phase” and therefore unable to be killed.¬†However if air does grow back, it tends to do so lighter and thiner.

Unlike earlier lasers the one that Canova uses (built in Israel) is much less painful and also quicker.
Having laser therapy is almost akin to a scan, with gel being applied and the laser being worked by the technician in a sweeping motion over the treatment area.

Some heat is felt – but in fact similar to a hot stone massage – and a lot less painful than waxing with more long-term benefits.

I went to Canova and had my chest treated. The whole procedure took 30 minutes with virtually no pain. Everything was explained in simple terms with confidence.

Additionally the Canova laser can treat any type of hair and skin colour – another advancement on earlier lasers.
Body areas that can be treated include the torso, back, face, chest, legs, underarms and bikini areas.

A qualified nurse administers all treatments and patch tests are taken first to ensure a patient’s suitability for treatment.

Canova is located in Wilmslow, in a modern and bright surgery nestled discretely between two estate agents.
There is never more than one patient in at a time, so treatments are in utter confidence.
The staff are highly professional and you can rest assured you are in safe and experienced hands.