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Laser Skin Tightening

Are you embarrassed by wrinkles and saggy skin – but don’t want surgery? Laser skin tightening is an effective alternative…

Firmer, younger-looking skin can be yours – and you don’t need surgery to see significant improvements. Laser skin tightening works by boosting your own collagen production, and the treatments are virtually pain-free and cost-effective compared to surgery.

Laser skin tightening is ideal for:

  • Age-related wrinkles and loss of firmness in the face
  • Loss of firmness in the body, e.g. sagging upper arms or stomach
  • Tightening loose skin following weight loss/pregnancy

Your laser skin tightening questions answered…

Here’s some information to help you decide if laser skin tightening is right for you… and if you have any other questions, please contact us. Our friendly team is here to help you.

What is laser skin tightening? How does it work?

Laser skin tightening treatments are carried out with our state-of-the-art Soprano Titanium laser machine,  the treatment is sometimes referred to as Soprano Skin Tightening.

The Nurse sweeps the handpiece over the treatment area in a continual motion: the sensation is pleasant and painless… most patients tell us it’s like having a hot stone massage.

In short, the laser revitalises your body’s own collagen production.

The way it does this is via the handpiece, which delivers high-intensity light. The light creates heat, which makes the skin contract and release collagen. By stimulating your body’s own collagen production, your skin can naturally plump up and rebuild itself. The appearance of your skin will be smoother and firmer, thanks to your own natural collagen.

What kind of results can I expect? And how many treatments will I need?

Some patients will see improvements in their skin texture after the third treatment, but most of the results will appear over the next 6 months.

As for how many sessions you’ll need, that depends on many variables, the condition of your skin, your age, and how large the treatment area is… all this will be discussed at your Consultation.

Most patients require up to 6 treatments, which should be 3 to 4 week intervals to achieve the desired results.

Results usually last for 1 to 2 years, though you’ll be able to prolong the results with maintenance treatments.

You’ll be given a personalised treatment plan at your Consultation, and you’ll know what kind of results you can expect.

Finally succumbed to a spot of skin tightening. Great experience and very professional!
– Gabi Forrester, Wilmslow

Which parts of the body can be treated with Soprano skin tightening?

Any part of the face or body can be treated with the Soprano Titanium laser skin tightening machine. The most popular treatment areas are:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Abdomen
  • Arms (including upper arms) and shoulders
  • Stomach
  • Legs, knees and thighs.

You can see Canova Medical’s laser skin tightening prices here.

What do I need to do before a laser skin tightening treatment?

Soprano Titanium Laser hair removal
The Soprano Titanium is an award-winning laser machine that delivers proven results for completely pain-free skin tightening treatments

Good news: there is nothing that you need to do (or avoid) before a laser skin tightening treatment… just turn up!

On your first appointment, allow an additional 30 minutes for your Non-Surgical Consultation. This is when we’ll discuss your medical history; examine the area to be treated; and discuss your treatment plan. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Who administers the laser skin tightening treatment?

You will be in the excellent hands of our very experienced Laser Technician, Anna Svabenska, at Canova Medical. She is specialised in hair removal and skin tightening. Read more about the team at Canova Medical.

What happens during the laser skin tightening treatment?

Following your Consultation with our laser skin tightening specialist prior to your treatment, she will make sure that you’re happy and comfortable… the treatment itself is very quick. No local anaesthetic is required.

You’ll be given a pair of laser-protection glasses to wear during the treatment. Your laser skin tightening specialist will then apply a cooling gel to the treatment area.

The tip of the applicator is swept over the area to be treated; it’s constantly in motion.

Does it hurt to have Soprano skin tightening treatments?

The revolutionary Soprano Titanium laser machine at Canova Medical is pain free. (Yes, really… we’ve tried it!)

In fact, because the applicator sweeps over the area in a paintbrush-like motion, it feels more like a hot stone massage. The heat of the laser is counteracted by the sweeping motion.

Are there any possible side effects? What happens after the treatment?

Most patients find that the skin area is a little red after treatment (but it won’t be sore). The reddening will disappear within 24 hours, and it is safe to apply make-up if you wish. You can resume your normal activities right away.

It’s important that you use a sunscreen if you’re going to be outside in the sun.

Other than that, you’re able to enjoy your regular perfume, deodorant or moisturiser as per usual.

What if I have any other questions?

Please contact the friendly team at Canova Medical – we’d be delighted to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Why choose Canova Medical for your laser skin tightening in Wilmslow?

  • Enjoy VIP discretion: You’ll never see another patient at Canova Medical Botox clinic Wilmslow, so your treatments will be in complete confidence.
  • Quick and virtually pain-free treatments: Our state-of-the-art Soprano Titanium machine is far more cost-effective than cosmetic surgery. It’s a great option for people who wish to avoid having surgery, but still want to get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • Highly-experienced team: The Canova Medical team are all skilled, qualified and experienced – you can meet the team here.
  • Results that you’ll love: Imagine the confidence of wearing the clothes you love, without worrying about wrinkles and sagging skin! You can see what our patients say about us, and also view some of the Before and After Photos (coming soon).
  • Pre-treatment Consultation: In order for our medical team to give you the results you need, they will take the time to get to know you and your preferences. This takes place at your half-hour non-surgical treatment Consultation with the medical expert that will be administering your laser skin tightening treatment. Read more about the Consultation.

What’s the next step?

The next step to enjoying the confidence of having smooth, firm skin is to arrange a Consultation. This will last for half an hour, and will be with the professional who will be administering your treatment. They will take the time to get to know you and your desired outcomes; obtain your medical history; and make recommendations based on your specific needs.