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From The Jewish Telegraph: Canova Laser

Editorial from The Jewish Telegraph about Our New Soprano ICE Laser Treatments. We had a editorial written by Ralphi Bloom about our new laser machine. Ralphi experienced laser treatments before but done in the ‘old way’ so he knew what to expect, or maybe not… Keep reading to find out more. Hair today…but gone now, …


Peeling Amazing

Chemical Peel Case Study On Live Cheshire (2nd Part) A skin peel sounds rather dramatic and traumatic, but in fact the only drama you’ll experience is when you see the results and jump for joy, as Simon Payne discovered when he underwent the treatment at Canova Medical in Wilmslow We asked Nina Hayhurst, Clinic Nurse …


Peeling Back the Years

Chemical Peel Case Study On Live Cheshire (1st Part) When you think of the term ‘Skin Peel’, does the TV show ‘Ten Years Younger’ spring to mind? Bright red, sore and peeling skin… the necessity to stay indoors till your face looks human again? However, the reality of the treatment offered by Canova Medical in …


Canova Medical on Live Cheshire

Canova Medical is on Live Cheshire Magazine with an editorial dedicated to our new cosmetic clinic in Wilmslow, Cheshire. An article that explains the philosophy behind Canova Medical and our approach to cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments. The Article here.


Enhance Your Beauty With Non-Surgical Treatments

The article about Dr Gabriele Travia, published on Live Cheshire in 2011. This month we had the chance to meet Dr. Gabriele Travia, Clinical Director of Canova Medical, to ask him more about the new cosmetic clinic in Wilmslow, Cheshire and how non-surgical treatments have changed the approach to facial rejuvenation.