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As I mentioned in my video people ask me all the time about the best wrinkle filler, the answer to that can be either Dermal Filler or Muscle-Relaxant injections.

During  a full consultation we talk about the areas on your face that trouble you then I can suggest the best treatment for that specific area. As an example if you said to me you are unhappy with the wrinkles around your eyes called “the crows feet” then  the best wrinkle treatment for this area is Botox.

A lady came into the clinic the other day who had never tried these types of treatment, she had Botox and Dermal Filler, she called me a few days later to tell me how happy she is and how confident she feels, so much so that she hardly uses any make up!

You will find that I am always open and honest when it comes to treatment suggestions, therefore giving you the best results!


Angelo, our clinic manager, published an interesting video about Botox on our Youtube Channel describing how people very often pay premium prices for very cheap treatments. In the video he gives you ‘3 pearls of wisdom’ that could definitely save you a lot of money with non-surgical treatments! Several practitioners will be angry at him after this! 🙂