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Are you tired of spending a fortune on the latest products on the market to enhance the shape of your lips or even the fullness?? I know I was! Then I tried lip fillers…and wished I’d tried it years ago!!

If you are unhappy with the shape and plumpness of your lips then lip fillers are right for you.They are a safe way to achieve beautiful results that will last a long time especially with the new product from Allergan called Volbella.

As described in the video, normally with other fillers for the lips you would need a treatment every 4-6 months but with Juvederm Volbella you just need one treatment per year! How amazing is that?!

Another added feature to this product is that it contains a local anaesthetic which means it a less painful  for you!!

If you liked the video, come and see me for a full consultation at our Wilmslow e clinic or give me a call if you have any questions.You can always visit our web site for more information before you decide that lip fillers would be the best treatment for you.