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What is non-surgical body contouring?

Non-surgical body contouring is a non-invasive method to breakdown fat and contour the body. By using fat melting methods & skin tightening, we are able to treat a particular stubborn fatty area such as the arms or abdomen, or lift and plump areas such as the buttocks.

This procedure involves applying pressure on fat cells through ultrasonic vibrations. This is known as cavitation.

During treatment, a combination of cavitation, radio frequency & massage techniques are used. There are no needles or invasive materials used for this treatment as everything is done above the skin!

  • begins to work immediately after treatment
  • stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • mild discomfort, no downtime
  • requires little to no downtime
  • results last for a long time with
  • a healthy lifestyle
  • causes minimum side effects
  • leaves no scars
  • no anesthesia is needed
  • results occur gradually, so you can maintain discretion about the treatment


Stomach & Waistline contouring
Single Treatment£85.00
Course of 3£225.00
Course of 5£350.00
Non-surgical facelift (Including chin and jawline)
Single Treatment£40.00
Course of 3£85.00
Course of 5£120.00
Booty Lift
Single Treatment£95.00
Course of 3£260.00
Course of 5£400.00
Bum and Tum Package (Includes Cellulite Treatment)
Single Treatment£160.00
Course of 3£400.00
Course of 5£650.00
TNT Package (Thighs and Tummy)
Single Treatment£120.00
Course of 3£320.00
Course of 5£475.00
Arm Toning
Single Treatment£40.00
Course of 3£90.00
Course of 5£130.00