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Are you a patient in the middle of laser hair treatments, and you have become pregnant? Or perhaps you usually shave your legs, but now you can’t reach due to pregnancy. We at Canova Medical are here to help. We can provide information regarding laser hair removal during pregnancy. We will alleviate any fears or questions you may have about the procedure before and after pregnancy.

Typically, our pregnant patients see different effects of laser hair removal during pregnancy due to the fluctuations in hormones. This makes the hair growth much more unpredictable, and far more difficult to remove. Most women pursue underarm, belly hair, bikini line and leg hair removal, as these places tend to grow more hair during pregnancy. Our quick guide can help you answer the question, “Is hair removal safe during pregnancy?” Read on to find out more about the different options available, and remember that our Canova Medical specialists in Wilmslow, Cheshire are always here to help.


Remember That Changes Are Common

During pregnancy, it’s important to note that changes in hair growth, as well as changes on the skin itself, are common and normal. Your hormones will change a lot throughout the nine-month term. While there are no studies that show laser hair removal as unsafe during pregnancy, and the procedure has been FDA approved for your safety, it is far less effective during pregnancy. Laser hair removal during early pregnancy is too unpredictable, and would require ongoing treatments with little effect. This is why we typically do not perform laser hair removal treatments during the course of pregnancy.

Hormonal Imbalances

Some of the more popular types of hair removal for pregnant women include bikini line hair removal, belly hair removal, and underarm laser hair removal. During pregnancy, these areas of the body tend to grow more hair. This is caused by hormonal imbalances and fluctuations. During pregnancy, the body changes rapidly to accommodate the growing baby. Your body may react to laser hair removal in different ways, or it may not work at all for your skin during that time. It is best if you wait until after breastfeeding your child to come in and continue your laser hair removal treatments.

Avoid the Breasts

Remember to avoid electrolysis near the breasts during and after pregnancy. If you are only a couple of months away from giving birth, you should try to steer clear of the more sensitive areas, and this includes shaving.

If you are in your final weeks of pregnancy, it may be best to avoid shaving the abdomen as well. These areas become extremely sensitive before giving birth, and laser hair treatments may cause you some unnecessary discomfort. Although our Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine is pain-free, it would still be best to avoid the breasts during the last stages of pregnancy. This is why we do not offer treatment to pregnant women. However, if you are interested in continuing laser hair removal treatments after you have finished breastfeeding your child, you can easily pick up right where you left off in the process of your 6 to 8 Soprano ICE laser hair removal treatments.

Feel Free to Postpone

If you decide to postpone your laser hair removal treatments until after pregnancy, that can be easily done here at Canova Medical. Our specialists can pick up right where you left off, making your laser hair removal treatments quick and easy. The Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine can take custom settings and our laser technicians will remember which treatment works best for your skin type. After the breastfeeding phase is complete, your body should return to its normal balance of hormones, making hair growth predictable again. After this sensitive time period, it is easy to pick up laser hair removal treatments again.

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