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In the hair removal industry, there are several methods and treatments available for effective hair removal. The two most common treatments are IPL hair removal and laser hair removal. An IPL laser treatment has many advantages and disadvantages, and laser hair removal treatments are common and safe. At Canova Medical, we can provide a breakdown of the differences between these two treatments. Read on to find out what IPL treatments are, and how they compare to laser hair removals.

The Definitions of IPL and Laser Hair Removal

A lot of patients who are unfamiliar with the differences between IPL and laser hair removal will use these terms interchangeably. However, there are major differences between the two. These definitions can help you understand what to recognize when you go in for your next hair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal is the most common and popular hair removal treatment. At Canova Medical, we provide the Soprano ICE machine, which can drastically reduce hair growth.

IPL stands for intense pulse light, which is the type of energy that comes out of the device. Is intense pulsed light safe? It can be, but it can also be much less effective than a laser light. IPL treatments are much weaker, and can be rendered ineffective on certain skin and hair types.

ipl vs laser hair removal

Dangers and Limitations of IPL Skin Rejuvenation and Face Treatment

IPL laser hair removal is just less effective than the Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine. IPL laser hair removal treatments cannot treat all skin types. The machines only work on fair skin with dark hair. It does not work on blonde hair, and is ineffective on Asian, African, and Latina women. The machine also cannot treat tanned skin, so this method is almost useless during the summer seasons. An IPL skin rejuvenation or IPL laser treatment may not be thorough. Because the clinician must pause between zaps, it takes much longer for treatment to take place. It can also skip around, missing follicles that may start to grow hair again.

In terms of safety, IPL laser hair removal is far more painful. The person applying the treatment zaps the skin with a large dose of energy, which feels like an instant burn. Because of this risk of pain, the process takes much longer, and is often less effective.

Why Laser Hair Removal is Better

All of the disadvantages of IPL laser hair removal treatments are not present with Soprano ICE laser hair removal. This technology is painless, as the applicator comes with a cold tip and remains in constant motion to prevent burns. The treatment times are super quick, allowing the patient to be done in just a few minutes. Instead of skipping around and risking missing follicles, the Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine covers the complete area for an effective sweep. It works on every type of skin tone, colour, and hair colour, offering successful treatments any time of year.

The gentle pulses of energy do not hurt, and can barely be felt by patients. The ice cold tip of the applicator makes it feel like a paintbrush is being applied to your skin. This cost-effective and technologically advanced machine far surpasses IPL laser hair removal treatments in every way. At Canova Medical, we provide the best technology to effectively create hair growth reduction on any part of the body.

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If you’ve had experience with IPL face treatments or IPL laser hair removal treatments, you know how frustrating and ineffective they can be (here you can read why SopranoICE is good especially on upper lip). Perhaps you have sensitive skin that is tired of being burned by the low pulsing energy. If you’re interested in a revolutionary new way to get your hair removed, schedule a free consultation with us at Canova Medical in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Our doctors and certified technicians will be happy to assist you with any further questions you may have. We can assure you that the treatments done via the Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine are painless and effective, even on sensitive or very dark skin.

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