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One of the most common hair growth problems that our patients experience is with upper lip hair growth. For women, this is the most sought-after hair removal treatment. Upper lip hair can often be problematic, as it appears dark and often grows back thicker when we shave it. What is the best way to remove upper lip hair without it growing back thicker? What is the best upper lip hair removal method? What about the best upper lip hair removal method for sensitive skin? How often do I need to get upper lip hair removed?

Canova Medical can answer all of these questions and more in our short and easy guide. Read on to see how our laser specialists in Wilmslow, Cheshire can improve your appearance and remove your upper lip hair for good.

Is Shaving the Best Upper Lip Hair Removal Method?

Absolutely not! Shaving is an old and outdated form of hair removal that can cause hair to grow back thicker and more often. At Canova Medical, we recommend seeking a much more advanced form of laser hair removal. The Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine is ideal for removing lip hair, as it can destroy the follicles and prevent hair from growing back thicker. This is the most effective upper lip hair removal method, as it can get rid of your upper lip hair forever in just a few short sessions.

How Often Do I Need to Treat Upper Lip Hair Removal?

At Canova Medical, our Soprano ICE machine is very effective at reducing upper lip hair. By attending a few short sessions, you can get the hair removed for good. Most of our patients need six to eight sessions before the hair follicles no longer grow. The heated laser is extremely effective at directing enough heat at the follicles to kill them, while still leaving the surrounding skin intact.


What About Upper Lip Hair Removal for Sensitive Skin?

If you have sensitive skin, or have been easily irritated by other laser skin treatments in the past, then the Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine is the best option for you. This is reportedly the best upper lip hair removal treatment for sensitive skin, as it provides a virtually painless experience. The frozen applicator tip prevents the laser’s heat from burning, allowing a smooth paintbrush feel to wash over your skin. Even if you have extremely sensitive skin, you won’t feel a thing from our technology at Canova Medical.

People with darker skin tones, such as Asian and Indian skin tones, can benefit from this machine as well. If you have dark or black upper lip hair, our Sonoma ICE machine comes equipped with a premade setting to effectively get rid of darker hair.

Upper Lip Hair Removal Tips

For best effectiveness, it is best to shave new hair before sessions. The Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine is very effective at causing hair reduction, but it is most effective when the guidelines are followed. If you notice new hair growing, and you don’t shave it before coming in for a treatment, it may be too long to be treated properly. The laser machine would have to work harder to put out the heat necessary to kill the follicles, and it could damage the hair and cause irritation to your skin in the process. Although it is difficult to have to deal with hair on your upper lip, it is best to make sure to treat all new hair efficiently to get the best results from your treatment here at Canova Medical.

Get That Lip Hair Gone and Come in for an Appointment Today!

If you’re ready to get rid of your thick upper lip hair once and for all, visit us at Canova Medical in Wilmslow, Cheshire – close to Manchester Airport. Our certified laser technicians can explain the Soprano ICE laser hair removal process, allowing you to feel more comfortable with the treatments. Our treatments are painless, quick, and affordable. There are many ways to tackle upper lip hair but our advanced technological laser hair removal treatments are the best in the industry.

Be sure to give us a call or visit our laser hair removal website page to schedule an appointment and a free consultation.