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While patients and clients of all skin types and colours may worry that a laser hair removal treatment may not be effective against their skin type, it is a special worry for Asian women. Does laser hair removal work for Asian skin? What is the best laser hair removal machine for Asian skin? What about the best laser hair removal machine for Indian skin? Among the Asian community, there are several shades of skin and several different types of hair.

A Japanese woman may have different worries than that of an Indian woman, but both are unsure whether or not a laser hair removal treatment will work for them. Here at Canova Medical in Wilmslow, Cheshire, we have the technology to successfully treat any type of skin. Our laser hair removal technicians use machines that offer settings specifically designed to perform laser hair removal for Asian skin. With machines like the Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine, no patient will have to worry about an ineffective skin treatment again. Read on to find out how effective we are at treating laser hair removal for Asian skin.


Laser Hair Removal for Asian Skin is Safe and Effective!

Something you may be unaware of is that most laser hair removal treatments are actually the most effective on darker hair. Therefore, the Soprano ICE laser treatment here at Canova Medical will work great on all Asian skin tones and colours. One of the reasons why many patients with darker skin have been hesitant to seek treatment in the past is because laser hair removal treatments are believed to be more sensitive and delicate on those with darker skin. However, Canova Medical can alleviate that worry or the fear of pain through the new Soprano ICE machine, because its application is completely painless and quick. Asian patients can enjoy the fast, pain-free, and effective treatments that are offered at an affordable price.

Sensitive Darker Skin is a Myth!

Many consumers believe that darker skin types are much more sensitive to laser hair removal treatment, which discourages a lot of Asian and Indian women from pursuing the most effective hair removal options. However, this is just a myth. It is a common misconception that laser hair removal is bad for dark sin or dark hair. In fact, the Soprano ICE machine offers many benefits to laser hair removal for Asian skin, and can be easily applied for a quick and painless treatment.

There are Many Benefits to Laser Hair Removal for Asian Skin

There are several benefits to pursuing laser hair removal treatments over the more traditional types of hair removal treatments. While many patients may be familiar with the process of waxing, tweezing, or threading, these treatments are often less effective, especially for Asian skin. With the older methods of hair removal, the hair tends to grow back more quickly. You can rid yourself of the need to pursue frequent treatments and enjoy a long-lasting effect with the Soprano ICE machine. The settings allow it to be used on Asian skin, Indian skin, and all colours of skin. Laser hair removal is much more advanced, and Canova Medical provides the technicians and technology necessary to remove your hair for longer periods of time. This is why laser hair removal treatments are some of the most effective treatments for Asian women, as it works the best on darker hair and stays away for longer periods of time.

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People of all skin types are encouraged to visit Canova Medical’s clinic in Wilmslow, Cheshire, as we possess the tools and technicians to effectively treat Asian hair. Our Soprano ICE machine is the best laser hair removal machine for Asian and Indian skin, guaranteeing a quick, painless, and effective treatment. Feel free to give us a call to schedule your appointment, or stop by to visit us in person.

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