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Its a big enough decision choosing to have cosmetic surgery, the next one is deciding which Cosmetic Surgery Consultant to carry out the procedure for you!

As said in this video, your GP is maybe the best person to ask, he/she will be aware of the local situation such as who is a well established cosmetic surgery consultant.

Gather as much info as you can about the procedure, surgeon and the provider. Make sure you have the full package, here is a few pointers to help.

  • Check the cosmetic surgery consultants’ qualifications and experience.
  • Ensure the provider is registered with the Care Quality Commission
  • Have a full consultation with the surgeon discussing the procedure in FULL.

Most importantly DON’T be afraid to ask questions!
Ask your cosmetic surgery consultant to show you some pictures of previous surgeries. If then he/she makes you feel at ease, well you found your surgeon.

Don’t look only at the price. Having cosmetic surgery is an important step and what count is the whole experience not just how much you are going to pay for your cosmetic procedure.