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Opening Hours

Mon - Sat: 9AM - 6PM


At Canova Medical our dedicated specialists can see you for upper and lower limb complaints.

Please note the initial consultation charge is £200 (maximum 30 minutes) and any follow-up appointments will be charged at £130 (maximum 20 minutes). We also offer an online consultation, £120 for an initial review (maximum 20 minutes) and £90 for a follow-up review (maximum 15 minutes). For second opinions please contact us on for further information about pricing.

Our specialists work with all major health insurance companies (please contact for further details) and consult self-pay patients. If you have health insurance, please contact them about the level of cover you have for outpatient consultations, as any fee shortfall be will have to be paid by yourself. For self-pay patients, payment prior to consultation is required.

The following charges will apply for cancellations less than 24 hours’ notice:

  • 50% of the appointment charge OR
  • £100 (initial consultation)
  • £75 (follow-up consultation)

To help us diagnose your condition you may require tests (such as blood tests or imaging, for example an X-ray, MRI or CT scan). The fees for these tests are determined by the clinic and charged to you, or your private medical insurer, separately.