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Apostolos VlachogiorgosDr Apostolos Vlachogiorgos is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He shares his practice between Manchester and Athens. He has a special interest in Aesthetic Surgery, performing breast surgery, mummy makeovers, tummy tucks and facial operations, but also in Reconstructive Microsurgery, including Breast and Head & Neck reconstruction with free flaps.

Dr Apostolos has worked for many years at the Christie Hospital in Manchester, where he has gained a massive experience in Complex Skin Cancer Surgery. Over the last years, he has also performed a great number of minor cosmetic surgeries, including mole removal, cysts, lipomas and keloids.

Dr Vlachogiorgos has a rich academic background, with a series of publications and active participation in International Plastic Surgery conferences, while he remains a Lecturer for Queen Mary University of London.

Dr Apostolos has been performing a series of cosmetic treatments since 2008, including toxins, fillers, chemical peels, threads and lasers. He shares a big passion for Regenerative Medicine and has included in his practise many innovative products that boost collagen production and tissue regeneration.

Dr Apostolos truly believes that everyone is unique and requires an individual, tailor-made approach. He is known amongst his patients for his holistic and detailed consultations, his perfectionism and precision. With great respect to the human anatomy and physiology, Dr Apostolos is a fan of natural, long-lasting results and fully supports the “aging gracefully” philosophy.