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Chemical Peel Case Study On Live Cheshire (1st Part)

When you think of the term ‘Skin Peel’, does the TV show ‘Ten Years Younger’ spring to mind? Bright red, sore and peeling skin… the necessity to stay indoors till your face looks human again? However, the reality of the treatment offered by Canova Medical in Wilmslow is very different. Simon Payne writes

chemical peels
Simon experiencing Agera RX skin peels

Canova Medical work with Agera RX, a medical formula that can only be applied by professionals with medical qualifications. It works by penetrating the upper layer of the skin, the epidermis, and stimulating the cells below, in the dermis, to produce new collagen and elastin to produce thicker, firmer, more youthful looking skin.

Well, that’s all well and fine – but why
is it called a ‘peel’ then? Nina Hayhurst, the senior nurse who manages the treatment protocol at Canova, explained it for me:

“Our skin sheds cells all the time, from the epidermal layer and new cells are created in the dermis, which in time break down and rise to the surface. For some people this action is inhibited by the impact of the P.Acnes bacteria, which causes acne and breakouts. Even if this isn’t a problem for you, as you age the dermis produces fewer new cells and dramatically reduces its collagen production.

“This is why skin can start to look a little crêpey and tired.

“The Agera RX formula effectively does a deep exfoliation, without the use of mechanical means, which can damage or tear the skin.

“Six treatments over an 18 week period are recommended, followed by regular maintenance treatments. The solution contains Retinol, which in the first treatment works on all the dead skin from the upper epidermis. In the treatments that follow the solution can then penetrate more deeply and start to work on the dermal layer.

Peptides then stimulate collagen and elastin production, which really work to rejuvenate the skin. People come back after only the second treatment so thrilled with what they can already see as a positive improvement. After six treatments every single client has been over the moon!”

So, now I know the science behind it… but how does it feel?

At our first meeting Nina undertakes a detailed skin analysis during the consultation. She takes time to understand my skin as this

is vital to ensure she adjusts the treatment to meet its individual needs – this is not a one-size-fits-all approach, all skin types and needs are treated differently.

The treatment itself is very pleasant. Firstly she does a deep facial cleanse and then applies a ‘pre-peel’ lotion to lift out all the oils from my skin. She then gently brushed the peel solution onto the skin and allowed it to dry before repeating with more peel solution.

The peel solution created a mild tingling; a bit like I’d been in the sun a few minutes too long, but not unpleasant. After removing the solution Nina then applied a peptide serum followed by an enriched moisturiser and advised I kept my face away from water for the next 24 hours to allow it to penetrate most deeply.

My skin felt amazing, not red or tight, just soft and fresh. I can’t wait for the next treatment… watch this space and I’ll tell you all about it!

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