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Chemical Peel Case Study On Live Cheshire (2nd Part)

A skin peel sounds rather dramatic and traumatic, but in fact the only drama you’ll experience is when you see the results and jump for joy, as Simon Payne discovered when he underwent the treatment at Canova Medical in Wilmslow

We asked Nina Hayhurst, Clinic Nurse at Canova Medical, to talk us through the treatments.

Chemical Peel Agera RX by Canova Medical


What was the condition of Simon’s skin before he had
the treatments?

It was very tired looking. Some areas were quite oily and some areas were combination. On the cheeks he had some problem areas; a build up of fatty deposits when you get those little white spots. Simon is also a smoker, which doesn’t help with the condition of his skin, hence why it looked very tired and dull.

Why was the course of skin peels a good option for Simon?

First of all for Simon, being the age he is, the anti ageing properties can reduce the little fine lines. Because his skin was in some areas quite dry and in other areas quite oily the peel helps with that and finally it helps to breakdown the problem he had with these little white spots.

What results can Simon expect from the course of peels?

Already, he’s mentioned that he’s seen a difference in the texture. He also tells me that people who didn’t know he has had the peels have said that he looks really well. Even though we’re only half way through the course, the appearance of his skin is much brighter and much more toned.

Now I’m strengthening the peel to target the problem areas, like the little white spots. Eventually it will break that down and get rid of those for him.

How long does the course last?

The full course is six peels, over a period of twelve weeks.

Following that, I always say to patients that to maintain a good healthy appearance and to keep the collagen reproducing they will need a regular maintenance peel once every two to three months depending on their skin and how they feel.

What further/other treatments would you recommend for Simon’s skin type?

We offer the wrinkle relaxing treatments, which help the appearance of the skin. For now, I think the peels are the best option and treatment for Simon. For him, I advise, because he’s a smoker (and if he can’t quit!) to keep on top of it and maintain it – as his skin is looking better each time.

The final words must go to Simon, the beneficiary of this gentle but highly effective treatment.

Simon says: “I’m actually very surprised at how much of a visible difference I can see and feel.
I’m a cynic by nature, but just hearing the positive comments I’ve had makes me realise how effective it’s been, never mind the change when I look in the mirror.

“What’s really impressed me though is how gentle a process it is and how it hasn’t affected my daily life at all. I was worried about skin redness and flaking, but there’s been none of that. I’ve literally been able to have a treatment in my lunch break and get straight back to work!

“In short – I’m delighted!”