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pip implants
Did you know your PIP could be ruptured? Maybe it’s time for you to replace them.

Over 30,000 women in France and thousands of women in other countries are now dealing with the fact their breast augmentations are a danger to their health and well-being. The Poly Implant Prothesis (PIP), an implant manufacturer, cut corners in safety to save their company money by using non-medical silicone in their implants and cutting many other corners in their manufacturing process.

Now women who have PIP products in their body already are left with implants that could rupture at any moment, and even worse for some women the implants already have ruptured. PIP went out of business, but thousands of women are left with faulty breast implants that are a danger to their health and safety. These women either have to pay to replace or remove the implant themselves, or they have to keep the implants with the hopes the worst doesn’t happen.

This story has scared many women away from the idea of ever getting breast augmentation and rightfully so. I’d personally like to see the owners of PIP put in jail for the crimes they committed against these women, and the damage they’ve done to the reputation of breast augmentation. It is unfair to the women with PIP implant that they now have to pay with their health and money for the unethical behaviour of a company.

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice – Go for the best breast implants instead

This is why it is so important that women take the time to learn about the businesses that their implants come from. There is always the danger that a new and upcoming company will not follow safety guidelines the way more reputable companies do. It is best if you bother with breast augmentation to not just go with the cheap options out there, but to go with companies that have a reputation of offering the best breast augmentation products out there. Don’t just trust what your doctor says, make sure that you do some independent research to learn more about the company your implants come from.

Luckily, there are two major companies that women can trust to give them safe implant for breast augmentation: Nagor and Motiva. These two companies have led by example by demonstrating remarkable leadership in the field of breast augmentation, but more importantly their products are safe and reliable. When you go with Nagor or Motiva implants by Motiva, you can rest assured that your implants are top quality when it comes to safety. Let me give you a little background on these two companies.

Nagor and the New research initiative

Nagor has risen as super-hero in the PIP story. For one, they’ve offered free replacements of implants for PIP victims whose devices ruptured. They also started a new research initiative for implant safety to make sure that nothing like the PIP disaster happens again. In this research initiative, Nagor is inviting breast implant manufacturers from around the world to participate in a research campaign that will make breast implants safer for consumers. By sharing research between companies, they hope to improve safety of implants not just their company, but in every company that makes breast implants. Nagor is a company that is on the side of women, and there breast implants are the safest and highest quality out there.

Lifetime Guarantee – That’s what you want

The other major company that manufacturers premium breast implants called Motiva. Motiva has been in business for more than two decades, and they do business in more than 60 countries. There breast implant products are FDA approved. They’ve also been held up to the most rigorous testing for the safety of medical devices out there. Since Motiva has been in business so long, the lasting power of their implants have been tested and assessed. If you want a company that has been around time with a proven reputation, Motiva implants are the out there on the breast implant market.

What really makes the case for Motiva and Nagor breast implants is that their products have a lifetime guarantee. They have enough faith in their product to ensure you if anything happen to your implants, they will foot the bill. If you choose to go with a different breast implant company, we really recommend looking for those that offer lifetime guarantees too. Remember above all, you should put your safety first when choosing the right breast augmentation options for you and your body.