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The Truth about Tummy Tuck

The Truth about Tummy TuckWith a lot of effort you removed all the weight after three children, went to the gym for a whole bunch of sit ups, but you still can’t lose that nagging pooch and extra skin around your waist.

You’d love to your waist to look flatter in a pair of thin jeans and a bathing suit, but it appears impossible to do on your own.

Sound familiar? If that’s the case, it’s possible you’ll be the perfect candidate for an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck.

A tummy tuck primarily is surgery that tightens the internal abdomen muscle tissue, and smoothes out loose, excess skin for a flatter appearance. You’re a superb candidate when you’ve got skin that’s stretched out after a pregnancy or dramatic weight reduction regardless of efforts of exercise and diet.

However bear in mind, it’s a misconception to think that a tummy tuck is a weight-loss procedure. Such a cosmetic surgical procedure is helping you get the shape you need after you’ve done your part. You need to be a healthy and energetic person who’s maintained your ideal weight.

The Consult before The Operation

Plan more than a visit with a doctor in order to speak about your analysis, and interview a few board-certified medical doctors to get their opinions, before you make your decision. It’s critical surgery and you have to ask questions and perceive what you’re getting into.


The Procedure

Before the actual surgery, surgeons suggest a nutritious diet and following your normal exercise program. Smoking is a no-no for at the very least a month earlier than the operation to reduce complication risks. Though you’re more likely to go home the day of surgical procedure, you shouldn’t be driving, climbing stairs so plan to enlist family and friends for support.

Within the two-hour procedure, an incision is made across the lower stomach close to the pubic bone (however low sufficient to be hidden by a bikini backside). During the  surgical procedure, the plastic surgeon tightens the muscle, removes excess pores and skin and fat, and generally performs liposuction in the hip area to herald the waistline. A tiny catheter is inserted and will remain for at the very least 5 days to assist drain the lymphatic fluid.

After a brief restoration, you’ll be discharged the same day, drains intact, which might be removed in an follow-up appointment.

Needless to say that this kind of surgery, it’s not totally risk-free, however severe complications are rare.

Patient Perspective

You’re definitely going to really feel ache when you get up from the surgical procedure; nevertheless it’s controllable with oral medicines. How long it’s going to last and its severity is dependent upon the person.

You may see bruises, swelling and a noticeable scar the place the incision was made, however that will all fade over time (most patients have a white hair-line scar after full healing). Expect numbness below the stomach button, but some feeling will come back eventually.

You’ll see a flatter, tighter tummy immediately. The best results will come three to six months later, after significant swelling has subsided.

Need more information about Tummy Tuck and your specific case? Arrange a consultation with one of our surgeons.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Operation Live

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