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I receive many questions regarding Laser Hair removal: “Can I wax in between treatments?”.”How many sessions will I need?”.”How soon should I shave before my treatment?”

Hopefully in this short explanation I will have answered all those niggling little questions you have.

For Laser Hair removal with the Soprano ICE to be successful you need to abide by a few rules. Such as no other methods of removing hair should be used during your course of treatments other than shaving. Yes including the face, sorry ladies!

You will certainly need 6-8 treatments or more to be hair free.

Does the laser hair removal really work?

The honest answer is yes, BUT if you are taking a type of hormonal medication you may need extra treatments, for now if you do not have any hormonal changes, new medication or changes in your health then it will be a positive result. All of the above can trigger new hair growth.

With a gap of 4-6 weeks in-between each treatment, this gives the new hair follicles time to grow ready for the next treatment when these in the growing stage will be “zapped” and destroyed!

The night/day before your treatment it is advisable to shave the area, this helps with the comfort of the treatment. The longer the hair the more heat the hair will conduct making the treatment a little more uncomfortable.

Following every treatment you can usually bath/shower as normal, over the next few weeks the dead hairs will fall out.

Remember “ban tan” while you are having your course of Laser Hair removal your skin needs to be free of all natural…spray…creams…sun-bed tans. This is important whatever laser machine you want to use. Soprano ICE included.

I hope this has helped if not then please call me or drop me a line 😉
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