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If you have experience with hair removal treatments, it’s likely that you’ve experienced a painful or irritating treatment once or twice in your life. Many traditional and outdated methods of hair removal are painful and irritating to the skin. Not to mention that they can also be frustrating, as many of those treatments do not last very long before your hair starts to grow back. So what is the best pain free laser hair removal treatment? Is there such a thing as pain free laser hair removal? Our laser technicians at Canova Medical can assure you that pain free laser hair treatments to exist, and they can be experienced by using the Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine. This advanced technological device gives each patient a painless and easy experience.

Continue reading this article to learn about the many benefits of the Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine. At Canova Medical in Wilmslow, Cheshire, we can give anyone of any skin type a pain free removal experience.

How Much is Pain Free Laser Hair Removal?

pain free laser hair removal

When our patients learn about our advanced Soprano ICE machine, they often believe that they are in for an expensive treatment. This is certainly not the case. To experience these pain free laser hair removal treatments, you simply need to call and schedule an appointment. Our team at Canova Medical can give you a free consultation and give you a hands-on look at the pain free laser hair removal device.

How Exactly is it Pain Free?

The reason our Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine can give you a pain free laser hair removal experience is because of the technology built in to the applicator tip. The tip, which remains in constant contact with your skin, reads -3 degrees Celsius at all times. The extreme cold acts as a numbing agent against the heat of the laser, making it feel painless when it touches you. Many Soprano pain free laser hair removal reviews mention the feeling of a paintbrush or a hot stone massage. You won’t feel any irritation or burning sensations. The Soprano ICE machine is the best pain free laser hair removal device on the market. Very few clinics have it, which is what makes Canova Medical stand out above the rest.

Is Pain Free Laser Hair Removal Effective?

The Soprano ICE laser hair removal treatments are extremely effective. There are no negative side effects and no time needed for recovery. You can continue to use all of your same deodorants and perfumes without it feeling irritated or itchy.

Shortly after your laser hair removal treatment, you may notice hair continuing to grow, but it will fall out within a week. This hair is the remainder of what was growing from the follicle, but it cannot live as the follicle was already treated with the laser technology. Within 6 to 8 treatments, your body will be completely hair-free. You can prepay for a course of 6 treatments for the least painful laser hair removal treatment of your life!

The cold applicator tip does more than just help with pain as well. It is also the reason why the treatment times are so quick. With the applicator that does not leave the skin, it makes sure that no area is uncovered. This allows heat to be directed to the follicles quickly and accurately, leaving you with a hair reduction. The Soprano ICE technology works on all skin types, from light to dark, and all hair colours for accurate removal.

Schedule Your Pain Free Appointment and Consultation Today!

If you want an effective and simple laser hair removal treatment that is pain free, the Soprano ICE laser hair removal technology is right for you. Our technicians at Canova Medical in Wilmslow, Cheshire specialise in all types of hair and skin tones, offering settings that are specifically designed to treat your hair right. The procedure is quite painless, according to our patients and those who have reviewed the Soprano ICE technology.

Stop by our clinic, give us a call or visit our laser hair removal page for a full scope of information regarding our technology. Our specialists are happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. Stop by today and get your laser hair removal treatment done right!