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A growing concern we hear at Canova Medical is whether or not laser hair removal on dark skin is effective or dangerous. Is laser hair removal good for dark skin? Does it hurt more? Is it just as effective as on lighter skin? We want to get rid of any misconceptions that you may have about laser hair removal from dark skin, and we encourage you to come in for an appointment or consultation to take the next step. Many of our darker-skinned patients ask about the best laser hair removal device for dark skin, whether or not it’s good for dark skin, and what types of treatments are possible. Read on to find some important tips on the benefits of laser hair removal for darker skin. With the Soprano ICE machine at Canova Medical, it is absolutely possible!

Don’t Bleach, Make a Laser Hair Removal Appointment Instead

Many women with darker skin tend to believe that bleaching their hair is a more effective or alternative option to laser hair removal. But sometimes, this can cause a disaster. It can result in ingrown hairs, or cause unwanted textures. The Soprano ICE laser removal machine at Canova Medical in Wilmslow, Cheshire is a technological advancement, as it comes with specific settings to treat dark hair successfully. This is the best type of laser hair removal for dark skin and all darker skin types, as it works fast with dark hair and offers a pain-free treatment at an affordable price.

Suffer No Pain

Another common belief and misconception about laser hair removal and laser hair removal machines is that they can be quite painful, especially for people with darker hair and skin. Many believe that because darker skin has more melanin, those with dark hair and skin are more prone to burns. Many Asian, African, Indian, and Latina women have been hesitant to pursue laser hair removal in the past due to the fact that it might hurt them. While some of the older and more traditional methods of laser hair removal may cause discomfort or frustration, this is not true of the Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine. Our laser hair removal treatments are perfect for asian skins.

The cold tip allows it to be painless against your skin, and the laser energy is converted by the dark pigments in your hair to remove it effectively and quickly. It will never burn or cause pain. This is the best laser hair removal device for dark skin. Our technicians in Wilmslow can select a specific setting for your exact skin tone, allowing the machine to do quick and painless work.

Another fear is that laser hair removal is not permanent, and people with darker skin tones will have to schedule more treatments. With our Soprano ICE machine, that misconception can be thrown out the window. This treatment treats hair follicles, reducing their growth and preventing them from coming back.

Canova Medical Can Treat All Hair and Skin Types

When our patients ask, “Is laser hair removal good for dark skin?” Our answer is yes! We possess the technology for hair removal, and many of our technicians specialize in hair removal for darker skin types. Very few laser hair removal clinics treat darker skin, and Canova Medical is one of them. Our technology allows the dark pigment of your skin to actually convert the laser’s heat into energy that will destroy the follicles. Patients typically only need a handful of Soprano ICE laser treatments before the hair is gone for good.

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You are also highly encouraged to visit our laser hair removal page and read more about the benefits of laser hair removal for dark skin.

Our state-of-the art Soprano ICE laser hair treatment machine is specifically designed to remove hair of any skin tone, hair colour, or skin sensitivity. Our certified technicians can apply the correct settings to make it work for you. The Soprano ICE machine far outperforms any traditional predecessors, making it the best laser hair removal device for dark skin.