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Yesterday I went out with my usual cycling pals, taking a well-earned rest at Little Town Diary café (Lancashire) we got onto the subject of hairy legs and how much of our time we spend on shaving and waxing when we could be spending time out on a ride!

Not only do women spend hours removing the unwanted hair but men too. My answer to this was “I’m hair free all the time, my legs (and other areas) are smooth thanks to laser hair removal!”

With a few disbelieved faces looking at me I explained more about this fabulous treatment. I also decided to record a video once back at work.

Watch to see for yourself the before and after results!

Half of being cyclist, some might say, is looking the part. Hair free legs look better than hairy ones. A pair of nice tanned, muscular, lean legs enchanted by being smooth, adds to improving performance…umm yes but really? At least it’s a much nicer experience during your recovery massage!

If you would like a little “taster” of the pain-free laser, this offer is waiting for you.