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juvederm volbella for lip enhancement

We are happy to announce the Brand New Juvederm Volbella!

Allergan just released a cutting-edge lip filler designed to give your lips a smoother, more natural look while enhancing lip volume and lip definition. It also contains lidocaine which will help to reduce the pain during the treatment.

What is the different between Volbella , Juvederm Smile or similar dermal fillers?

The technology used in this filler is fantastic, in fact unlike other fillers, it lasts up to 1 year! 12 Months without injections in your lips.
On top of that, less product needed for lip enhancement or perioral lines compared to Juvederm 3.
In short, it’s more cost effective.  Not bad, isn’t it?

All our lip enhancement and perioral treatments will now be performed using the exclusive new Juvederm Volbella.

Hope you are going to like it 🙂