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And why shaping the rest of them using laser is bad

Nowadays we all want to have a perfect eyebrow shape and to do that we spend hours in front of a mirror holding a pair of tweezers to pluck the ugly hair away. (Needless to say that from a mans point of view looking at all the weird faces that you girls do during this process is very amusing!)

If we can have a virtually hairless body with laser treatments, wouldn’t it be nice to reshape your eyebrows with the same laser technique?

I made this video below to show you what happens when you laser in between the eyebrows!

If you ask your beautician this question she will probably answer: “Of course you can!” However this kind of answer shows a lack of knowledge and that, my friend, should alarm you!!

A bit of knowledge and common sense will save your loved hair.

The light emitted by the laser machine is classified as ‘scattered light’ and when triggered, it spreads in your skin killing the hair follicles.

Even if the tip of the gun used by the Soprano ICE is the most precise on the market, the type of light emitted is still going to spread in the immediate areas surrounding the focal point.

In the attempt of reshaping your eyebrows and removing the unwanted hair there is a high risk of targeting the hair you would like to keep, destroying the shape of the eyebrow itself.

This is why you can definitely treat in between the eyebrows but I would definitely not suggest treating the areas around them!!

Pearl of Wisdom: L.A.S.E.R means Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

In other words,

  • The light in your bedroom
  • The one coming out from your phone
  • The microwaves’

They are ALL lasers. The key is the frequency they work at!

Regulations, regulations regulations!

You see, laser machines for hair removal are a beautiful piece of technology and the Soprano ICE confirms how a great leap ahead has been achieved in Pain-Free, effective and fast treatments.

However for whatever reason I still need to understand why the Care Quality Commission does not regulate laser hair removal treatments! Every single person out there could open a laser clinic without any authorisation and especially without having a laser core knowledge and start zapping patients making a mess of their look. (As long as they can afford buying a machine that costs £85,000 like the Soprano ICE.)

Yes, you can actually create permanent damage on somebody if the practitioner doesn’t know how to use the laser machine!

Do we need another scandal like the one about PIP breast implants before raising awareness about non-surgical treatments? I hope not!

You scared me; shall I forget about having laser hair removal?

Definitely not!

Laser machines are like cars. They are safe as long as who drives them knows the power, the risks and the limits of the vehicle. Having your eyebrows shaped with a laser machine (especially cheap ones) it’s like going on the motorway at 100mph.

You can definitely do it as long as you’ve got a good car!

The question is: “Are you ready to risk it?” and the answer most probably will be “NO”.

Therefore find out who offers this fabulous treatment, what laser machine do they have and most importantly who is carrying out the laser treatment, at least then you know you are in SAFE hands.